Vertical Endeavors offers a wide range of climbing lessons and recreational programs for individuals and groups of all ages and abilities. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned climber, the staff at Vertical Endeavors will provide the highest level of service and suggest the right lesson for you.

Entire payment is required at the time of registration. Lessons include the rental harness and belay tool. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class. Students may stay after class to continue climbing at the instructor’s discretion.

Basic Top Rope Skills

This introductory lesson is designed to introduce new-comers to the exciting sport of rock climbing. The lesson covers knot tying, belaying, rope management skills, the use of technical equipment and climbing commands. An emphasis is placed on the skills needed to climb and belay in a controlled environment. With approval of the instructor, participants are welcome to stay after the lesson to practice climbing with a backup belayer. Ages 14+
Prerequisites: None

7–9 PM
$30 Non-Members
$20 Members

Noon–2 PM
$30 Non-Members
$20 Members

NOTE: Lessons may run short depending on class size. Please call ahead to schedule and reserve your spot as classes often fill up. There may not be room for walk-in registrations.

Sport Lead

Learn to climb on the sharp end. If your only experiences include top rope climbing/bouldering, this is the course for you. This lesson will introduce the climber to leading sport routes. Topics include the art of controlled and efficient lead belaying, how to clip protection, lead climbing techniques, the art of falling and how to catch a fall.
Prerequisites: Climb at or above 5.9 and certified for top rope belaying.

7–9 PM
$30 Non-Members
$20 Members

NOTE: Lessons may run short depending on class size. Please call ahead to schedule and reserve your spot as classes often fill up. There may not be room for walk-in registrations.

Private Lessons

Have you reached a plateau? Feel like you’re not advancing? Are you frustrated with your efforts? Private lessons will provide the direction, structure and content to refine your climbing skills. Customized lesson topics range from training and stretching to advanced movement techniques and crack climbing. Improve your climbing skills by reserving time for a private lesson. Rentals included.
Prerequisites: None

1–2 People 

Each Additional Person


Specific Course Options

Intro to Indoor Rock Climbing

Are you looking for a little more directed instruction on your visit? Take this short course to learn basic information about our facility; including awareness, basic climbing techniques and an overview of our programs to continue your progress.


  • Orientation to the layout of the facility
  • Intro to top rope climbing on our Auto Belay systems
  • Intro to bouldering and spotting
  • Individual coaching to improve technique
  • Information about how to get involved in the Twin Cities climbing community and Vertical Endeavors

Multi-Pitch Transitions and Belay Management

For climbers looking to tackle larger objectives beyond single pitch settings, class will teach methods for staying safe and moving fluidly and quickly on the big walls. Climbers taking this class should have experience building top-rope anchors as well as leading with traditional gear.


  • Building multi-directional anchors
  • Choosing between direct and indirect belay systems
  • Efficient transition between leads

Introduction to Traditional Leading

Expand your leading skills beyond clipping bolts and open up a greater world of climbing by learning the art of trad climbing. For climbers with experience on outdoor sport leads as well as basic crack climbing skills.


  • Gear Selection and racking up for your route
  • Direction of pull and rope drag management
  • Tips on placing gear solidly and efficiently

Introduction to Crack Climbing

Looking to climb more at Devils Lake, get out on desert sandstone splitters, or move toward the big walls of Yosemite? Broaden your skills beyond face climbing to the world of cracks! Available to climbers of all levels of experience who want to expand their rock techniques.


  • Making tape gloves to protect the hands
  • Jamming skills from thin cracks to chimneys
  • Foot jams, lie-backs and body positioning


New to bouldering and want to learn the basics? Experienced but looking to take your skills to the next level? Our bouldering lessons can be custom tailored to suit your needs and advance your technique.


  • Gaining power for the crux
  • Individual coaching to improve technique
  • Instruction on strength training

NOTE: Please call ahead to schedule and reserve your Private Lesson. We may not be able to accommodate walk-in registrations.

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