Field Trips

Indoor rock climbing is not only a perfect total body workout, it also increases focus, confidence, self-discipline and teamwork skills. This is the perfect field trip for kids to be active, try something new and reach new heights!

We offer a variety of options from one-time experiences to after-school clubs. We are also able to customize the curriculum to meet your group’s goals. The typical field trip starts with an introduction to rock climbing, orientation to the facility and assessment of risk management. Vertical Endeavors staff then teach the basics of climbing, movement and give an overview of our ropes systems.

Student Outcomes

  • Gain personal confidence and self-esteem through perceived challenges
  • Develop key leadership skills through communication, problem solving and teamwork
  • Increase understanding of risk management and importance of good decision making skills
  • Improve self-reliance, responsibility and commitment
  • Promote appreciation for physical fitness and lifelong value of participating in healthy activities
  • Broaden horizons to future employment opportunities and recreational activities

Call for school pricing! We require a minimum of 10 participants for each Field Trip.

Anita Johnson – Group Sales, Programs Coordinator |

Group Event Request Form

NOTE: Dates fill up quickly, so please plan ahead. All Field Trips must be scheduled a minimum of three weeks in advance of your desired date. A $50, non-refundable deposit (paid at time of reservation) is required for all of our group events. All of the required rental gear and instructor costs are included in the group pricing, making the packages shown above easy to use, with no hidden costs.

All participants must sign a Vertical Endeavors Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement. Participants under 18 years old must have the forms signed by their parent or court-appointed legal guardian. A signed waiver is required for all participants, climbers and spectators.

We recommend one adult chaperone for every five climbers in the group (more chaperones are welcome). Adult Chaperones will be actively involved throughout the event as spotters and working with Auto Belays. Additional staff can be on-hand for $50.00 per person if you are not interested in being actively involved in the event.

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