Summer Climbing Camps

Our Summer Climbing Camps offer children ages 6 to 16 the opportunity to learn proper climbing techniques in a controlled and fun atmosphere. In addition to our focus on fun, all of our camps promote awareness and understanding.

In addition to their passion for climbing, all Vertical Endeavors instructors must go through an in-depth training program prior to instructing any of our day camp programs. Our instructors bring years of knowledge to the table in both the art of climbing movement and the technical know-how of rope and anchor systems. Above all, our instructors’ goal is to provide a fun, educational, and memorable experience for each camper and help them to achieve personal goals in a supportive and controlled environment.

Vertical Endeavors offers a variety of camp programs during various breaks from school as well as different “teacher in-service” and “conference” days. Check out our postings within the website or visit Vertical Endeavors for a brochure containing upcoming programs.

Note: During this program, children (under the age of the 14) may belay for each other at the instructor’s discretion. Youth may also be required to use a backup belayer at the instructor’s discretion.

Register your child today for these exciting climbing camp opportunities!

Half Day – Duluth Time Rate: $195 Non-Members/$150 Members
June 5-9 9 AM–1 PM  
July 10-14 9 AM–1 PM  
August 7-11 9 AM–1 PM  
August 21-25 9 AM–1 PM  
Single Day Time Rate: $55 Non-Members/$45 Members
June 27 9 AM–1 PM  
July 6 9 AM–1 PM  
July 25 9 AM–1 PM
August 15 9 AM–1 PM  
August 29 9 AM–1 PM  

Now that you have climbed inside, you’re ready to take on real rock! Join us at Ely’s Peak, one of Minnesota’s most coveted climbing destinations, to test out your new skills. You’ll spend the morning climbing and exploring the rocks and cliffs overlooking the prairie below. Our highly qualified and experienced VEGA guides set up the climbs and provide all necessary equipment and instruction for a fun half day of climbing. Ely’s Peak is a great place for beginners to learn how to climb outside!

Only open to this year’s Summer Camp Participants!

Half Day – Ely’s Peak Time Rate: $75/climber
To be determined 9 AM–1 PM

NOTE: Outdoor Camp Experience is only available to 2016 Summer Camp participants. 10 person minimum is required to run each date. There is no guaranteed spot for walk-in participants. Due to the minimum requirements, it is possible for some camps to be cancelled.

NOTE: Prices include tax

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