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It is with an adventurous spirit that we challenge and encourage your child to come into their own as an independent, responsible, and respectful climber. Our goal is to create better climbers socially, mentally and physically. We believe that the most effective way to bring out the best in young athletes is to promote an environment of devoted mentorship as they learn, grow, and excel with other children who are dealing with similar challenges, both on the wall and in their daily lives.

Team members receive a gym membership valid during their session of Climb Team. In addition, we offer Outdoor Climb Team Days where climbers can bond together and learn from one another while climbing on real rock.


Individual Coaching

The Climbing Team Private Lessons provide direction, structure and personal attention to refine your child’s climbing skills. The lessons can be customized to accommodate a wide range of abilities. From those who benefit from one-on-one learning environments to those who want to push their advanced skills even further, the Climbing Team Private Lesson will provide exactly what your child needs to excel.

One-Hour Sessions (5 weeks): $200
Two-Hour Sessions (5 weeks): $325

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Climb Team Tab_Little Tikes

Little Tikes is for the youngest aspiring climbers who want to learn the basics in a team setting and have fun! This program is focused on the fundamentals, to introduce your child to the fast-growing sport of rock climbing. During practices, coaches focus the energy of the group into exciting climbing activities, while building appreciation for teamwork and taking direction.

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Climb Team Tab_Novice

Novice Team is designed to build a strong foundation of rock climbing skills for youth. It is for both beginners and returning team members who aren’t ready to compete. Coaches will teach top rope belaying and focus strongly on movement and technique essentials throughout the session. Team members will learn trust, responsibility and perseverance through games, lessons, team building and workouts. There will be instruction for beginner to more experienced climbers.

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Climb Team Tab_Intermediate

Intermediate Team is for those ready to take their climbing skills to the next level. Two days of practice a week are required and we encourage a third day of individual climbing outside of practice. Climbers must be ready to spend considerable time sport lead climbing and bouldering, along with climbing related core workouts. Coaches strongly encourage these committed climbers to participate in competitions and look to a future with the Advanced Team.

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Climb Team Tab_Advanced

Advanced Team is reserved for those athletes committed to becoming some of the best young climbers in the country. It is lead climbing, advanced bouldering, and competition intensive. Climbers must become USA Climbing Members, climb at least three days a week and must commit to participating in climbing competitions through the Regional level. They will have shown a steadfast commitment to climbing and training, have a record of exemplary sportsmanship, and have an unparalleled work ethic.

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Climb Team Tab_High School

High School Team is designed to build strong climbers in a positive atmosphere suited for high schoolers. Through team building, creative coaching and calculated workouts we teach a wide array of techniques to bring out the best in each climber, both physically and mentally. We teach technical skills such as the basics of top rope belaying, bouldering and lead climbing. Coaches strongly encourage committed climbers to participate in competitions if they are interested.

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Climb Team Tab_Home School

Home School Team offers youth an opportunity to be a member of a homeschool-specific team. The focus of this team is to improve upon climbing skills in an exciting, supportive and challenging atmosphere. During practice, the coaches will help each team member maximize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Team members learn all the basics of climbing, including how to top rope belay.

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