Summer Climbing Camps

Our Summer Climbing Camps offer children ages 6 to 16 the opportunity to learn proper climbing techniques in a controlled and fun atmosphere. In addition to our focus on fun, all of our camps promote awareness and understanding.

In addition to their passion for climbing, all Vertical Endeavors instructors must go through an in-depth training program prior to instructing any of our day camp programs. Our instructors bring years of knowledge to the table in both the art of climbing movement and the technical know-how of rope and anchor systems. Above all, our instructors’ goal is to provide a fun, educational, and memorable experience for each camper and help them to achieve personal goals in a supportive and controlled environment.

Vertical Endeavors offers a variety of camp programs during various breaks from school as well as different “teacher in-service” and “conference” days. Check out our postings within the website or visit Vertical Endeavors for a brochure containing upcoming programs.

Note: During this program, children (under the age of the 14) may belay for each other at the instructor’s discretion. Youth may also be required to use a backup belayer at the instructor’s discretion.

Register your child today for these exciting climbing camp opportunities!

Base Camp (Ages 6–9)

Learn the basics of indoor rock climbing. No experience is necessary. Activities include cooperative group games, top rope climbing, knot tying, rappelling and daily climbing games. In addition to our focus on fun, this camp promotes awareness and understanding of climbing safety. Your child will leave camp with a sense of self-reliance and accomplishment, as well as a deeper respect for the sport of rock climbing. The week will culminate with a ride on our zip line and a pizza party. Bring a sack lunch and drink Monday through Thursday.
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Peak Experience (Ages 10–12)

Learn indoor rock climbing and belaying techniques and capitalize on any previous climbing experience you may have. Activities include knot tying and belay lessons, rappelling and using ascenders. This camp also includes daily technique and movement classes on a variety of topics. This program will teach you to bring your climbing skills to the next level. The week will culminate with a ride on our zip line and a pizza party. Bring a sack lunch and drink Monday through Thursday.
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High Summit Adventure (Ages 13–16)

Learn fundamentals of advanced climbing and rope management skills that could be used in indoor or outdoor climbing, during rescues, or on longer climbs. Activities for this program include daily technique and movement classes designed to bring your climbing skills to the next level as well as a variety of mini-clinics meant to advance your rope management skills and your technical knowledge. Participants will experience lead climbing and lead belaying in either a simulated or real setting which will be determined by the climbing abilities of the overall group. The week will culminate in a vertical challenge course where the members of your group will put the skills you’ve learned throughout the week to use in this special group challenge. Bring a sack lunch and drink Monday through Thursday. A pizza party will take place on Friday.
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Outdoor Camp Experience (Ages 6–16)

Now that you have climbed inside, you’re ready to take on real rock! Join us at Taylors Falls, one of Minnesota’s most coveted climbing destinations, to test out your new skills. You’ll spend the morning climbing and exploring the rocks and cliffs overlooking the St. Croix River Valley in beautiful Interstate State Park. Learn more



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