Rules Agreement

Anyone entering the Facility must have a signed “Waiver of Liability/Assumption of Risk” form on file. If the participant is under 18 years of age their Parent or Court Appointed Legal Guardian must sign it for them.

Everyone must check in at the front counter before entering the climbing area. Members must show a counter employee their membership card and picture ID when entering.

Before using the Auto Belays, bouldering, belaying, lead climbing or lead belaying, you must be checked out by a Vertical Endeavors staff member. You will be given a wristband when you check in. Upon passing the qualification, the staff will remove the wrist band and will enter your name in our computer as qualified for that activity.
WARNING – wrist bands removed by the climber may result in loss of climbing privileges.

All climbers must comply with the judgment and decisions of the staff on duty in the climbing facility.

The teaching of rock climbing safety procedures is not allowed in the facility except by Vertical Endeavors staff unless a certificate of insurance naming the Lessor and Vertical Endeavors as additional insured is provided.

Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult unless they are part of a Vertical Endeavors Program.

The use of cellular phones, MP3 players, headphones or similar devices is prohibited while belaying and climbing. Climbing with a cellular phone, MP3 Players, headphones or similar devices that could be dropped onto others or injure others is prohibited.

Only rock climbing equipment approved by Vertical Endeavors staff is to be used in the climbing facility.

Only appropriate climbing footwear will be permitted on climbing surfaces. Rock climbing shoes or athletic shoes are recommended. No bare are feet allowed in gym except in locker rooms.

Climbers must have appropriate clothing on at all times. Shirts must be worn in the facility, except in locker rooms.

Please consider using a helmet. Helmets are available for a nominal fee.

No snacks, food or beverage (except bottled water) is allowed in the gym past the front counter area. Please use the customer table, cubbies counter top or picnic tables for snacks and beverages.

Chalk balls only. No loose (powdered or block) chalk allowed. Any chalk bags found with loose chalk will either be held at the front counter or dumped out and a chalk ball can be purchased.

Groups and lessons in progress have priority on routes. If an instructor needs the route, you may be asked to move to another route.

Packs, shoes, coats etc. must be stored in a locker or cubbies. Do not store items on the main level or in the weight equipment workout area. Vertical Endeavors is not responsible for Lost & Found or stolen items.

No climbing or belaying is allowed while under the influence of intoxicating substances.

The use of vulgar language or improper conduct will result in loss of climbing privileges without a refund.

All customers using the Auto Belays must be oriented to the proper use of this system. Orientation will only allow you to use the Auto Belays until you have passed the regular top rope belay check-out. It is the climbers responsibility to properly clip into the Auto Belay and to perform the proper double checks on themselves. Always “DOUBLE CLIP”! Always “DOUBLE CHECK”!

Children under the age of 12 must be supervised and connected to the Auto Belays by an adult.

Using Auto Belays to climb cracks is not allowed due to safety concerns.

Bouldering is only allowed over padded areas. Do not boulder under roped climbers. Bouldering is not allowed next to, above or across the emergency door area. It is recommended to have a minimum of one spotter per climber when bouldering. When Bouldering, the Boulderer’s feet shall not pass above a height on the wall that is equivalent to the height of the shoulders of the Boulderer when standing on the floor. A climber’s voluntary participation in Bouldering indicates their acknowledgment that Bouldering is dangerous and that a spotter may not prevent injuries. Spotters understand that they may be injured by the Boulderer if they should fall. Vertical Endeavors recommends the use of portable landing mats (crash pads) in addition to existing protective systems, whether provided by Vertical Endeavors or customers. Move the provided landing mats to the best position to protect you from a fall when bouldering.

Only authorized participants may climb or boulder on the walls. Authorization must be obtained by demonstrating the appropriate skills to an appointed member of the staff on duty in the facility.

All belayers and climbers agree to utilize proper belaying technique and agree to DOUBLE CHECK their set-up before beginning the climb. The belayer will check the climbers gear and knots, and the climber will check the belayer’s system and exchange confirmation that the set-up is correct. This is most important and must be performed at the start of each and every climb!

The belayer must pay attention to the climber at all times.

Children must be 14 or older in order to belay (Exceptions by arrangement only.)

Lead climbing at Vertical Endeavors is a privilege. Lead climbers that do not abide by the Lead climbing rules will be warned and Leading privileges may be taken away. Practice lead falls are not allowed in the facility except in lessons supervised by Vertical Endeavors staff. All Lead climbers must have a VE lead climbing tag on their harness.

Children must be 16 or older to Lead Belay or Lead Climb (Exceptions by arrangement only.)

Any infractions of the above rules will result in loss of privileges for that event. Repeated infractions will result in loss of membership privileges.

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