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Intermediate Team is for those ready to take their climbing skills to the next level. Two days of practice a week are required and we encourage a third day of individual climbing. Climbers must be ready to spend considerable time sport lead climbing (rather than top roping) and bouldering, along with climbing related core workouts. Coaches strongly encourage these committed climbers to participate in competitions and look to a future with the Advanced Team. Team members will also receive a membership valid during the current session of Climb Team only. Ages: 11–18

Previous Climb Team experience and proficiency at top rope belaying is required. If you have not participated in an Intermediate Team, you need to tryout.

Tryouts ($20) are mandatory for the Intermediate Team and are held prior to the first day of practice. Check the calendar for details.

The coaches place climbers in two teams, each with different practice days. We cannot guarantee you will get your requested day, but please mark the box with your practice preference on your registration form. An announcement will be made after tryouts indicating which team you will participate on and you can pay accordingly at the first practice.

Non-Members: $450
Members: $360

Early Bird Deadline
Sign up 4 weeks before the first day of practice and receive $40 off!

Regular Registration
Regular rates apply between 2 and 4 weeks out from the first day of practice.

Late Registration
Pay an additional $20 when you sign up within 2 weeks of the first day of practice.

Note: During this program, children (under the age of the 14) may belay for each other at the instructor’s discretion. Youth may also be required to use a backup belayer at the instructor’s discretion. Space is limited. Check to see if a team is full before signing up! There will be a cancellation fee applied to registrations terminated prior to the first practice.[]

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Outdoor Climb Team Days
We also offer Outdoor Climb Team Days where climbers can bond together and learn from one another while climbing on real rock.

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