Whether trying climbing for the first time or returning for more fun, rock climbing is an exciting and challenging activity for any group!

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday by climbing with your friends and family in a fun environment! Your party will consist of climbing with games and activities led by our climbing instructors.The package includes harness rental, instructor, balloons, invitations and birthday gift. Plus, the birthday person climbs for free!

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Field Trips

We offer a variety of field trip for students to learn how to climb from just one-time experiences to after-school clubs. We are able to customize the curriculum to meet your group goals. The typical field trip starts with an introduction to rock climbing, the basics of climbing and rope systems, and an orientation of the facility.


Join us for an all-night adventure at Vertical Endeavors! Our lock-ins are perfect for schools, youth groups, scouts, friends, or groups looking to climb throughout the night. Lock-ins include private after hour access to Vertical Endeavors, basic equipment rental and staff facilitation for the entire event.


Scout Troups

Schedule your scouting event today! Whether you’re new to climbing or returning for more fun, climbing is a great activity for your entire troop. This two hour program includes an instructor and basic gear.

$20/person (weekday)
$22/person (weekend)

Team Building

Our New Heights program combines team building initiatives with an energetic climbing experience. Each program can be customized to suit the needs, abilities and goals of the group. Activities are designed to challenge the group’s collective resources and experiences to arrive at new and creative solutions. Whether you’re looking to foster stronger bridges between people or simply help a group of individuals to “gel,” team building and climbing programs can get your group moving in the right direction.

2 hour program $27/person
3 hour program $35/person

Party Room

Does your party need a place to regroup? Our function rooms are perfect for all of our group events. We have a room available that accommodates 15 people. The room is equipped with a table, chairs and a refrigerator.

$25/half hour

Reserve your space:

Bloomington | Minneapolis | St. Paul | Duluth | Glendale Heights


Group events include two hours of rock climbing, harness rentals and an experienced instructor. In addition to using the Auto Belays, group members will have the opportunity to climb on top ropes while being belayed by the instructor. Custom group events are perfect for church groups, corporate team building, and bachelor/bachelorette parties!

$20/person (weekday)
$22/person (weekend)

Fill out the Group Event Request Form to start the process!

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